standard rig mat in 8 foot width being stacked by loader

Rig Mats

Attention to detail is evident in every rigmat we produce, and provides confidence in using our product as the foundation for your site. Whether under an Oil Rig, or under a Tank Farm, our rigmats will provide you with a cost effective solution to environmental requirements and an alternative to scoria or crushed rock for your site.

Construction You Can Trust

Our rig mats are made in Montana, with American Made Steel, and Montana or Wyoming Timbers. We use standard 6W15 steel beams that we cope and taper before welding them to ¼” wall 4” pipe for the ends. Our cross beams are gussetted, and the outer flanges of our rigmats are plated with ¼” plate to increase strength and reduce environmental cross contamination when the rigmats are moved from site to site. Our rigmats are then filled with notched 6×6 timbers to create a flush deck rigmat both top and bottom that protects the steel frame and improves work efficiency. We use Douglas Fir for added durability, or Spruce/Pine for lighter weight for transporting between sites. These timbers can be replaced in the field if they are damaged during use, and we can provide cut to length and notched timbers for these replacements. 

tanks on rig mats in north dakota oilfield bakken formation

Standard Rig Mats

  • 3 rail
  • 8’ width
  • 20’ and 40’ lengths

Standard Camp Mats

  • 4′ width
  • Any length

Custom Rig Mats

  • 4 rail
  • 9’ or 10’ widths
  • up to 60’ lengths

MT Rig Mat Design

rig mat 4 beam 8 ft wide detail drawing

4 Beam 8ft. wide

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rig mat 4 ft wide detail drawing

4 ft. wide

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rig mat standard 8 ft wide detail drawing

8 ft. wide

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rig mat 10 ft wide detail drawing

10 ft. wide

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rig mat interlocking detail drawing

Interlock System

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rig mat 2.5 meter wide detail drawing

2.5 meter wide

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rig mat 3 meter wide detail drawing

3 meter wide

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rig mat with mouse hole 8 ft wide detail drawing

Mousehole Construction

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